Harmonising your Life

Anuvadin in Sanskrit means “to be in harmony” and that is what our team at Anuvadin wishes for you. For all the resources and blessings to work in an individual’s favour, it is important that the various elements and energies are in harmony and in alignment with nature.

Life on earth is created and sustained by a perfect balance of the five elements known as panchamahabhutas.

It is the synergy of these elements that leads to holistic well-being and harmony. Along with these elements, our universe consists of energy both in living and non-living forms. This energy, be it positive or negative, cannot be destroyed; it can only be channelized towards personal betterment. Applying the ancient Indian wisdom of Vastu Shastra and Astrology, Vishal Bardia along with his team, makes use of various energy enhancing techniques to increase the positive energy and bring about true wellbeing, happiness and success in personal and professional areas.

Vishal Bardia​

Vishal Bardia is a certified Vastu Archarya, Astrologer, Numerologist and Dowser. He is the MD of a leading food products company but his passion and keen inclination towards ancient sciences and Vedic reading motivated him to become an expert.

He holds expertise in Vastu Shastra, KP Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Kundalini Yoga, Advance meditation, Pendulum Vidya, L-Rod, Lecher Antenna, Geopathic Stress and Earth energies.

His vast knowledge and experience helps him provide solutions which are minimally intervening yet have multifarious benefits. His solutions are structured not only to solve the problems on hand but also to enhance the quality of life for his clients.


Our solutions will help you achieve greater satisfaction and improved results in your personal, social, professional or business life.

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