Case Studies / Case Study 3

Case Study 3

Recently a client came to me, rather desperately. He was experiencing great negativity in the house and there was a total lack of happiness. He is a family of four and with every passing day he could feel the growing resentment among his wife and two daughters. Constant bickering, fights and arguments had taken away all joys and this happened right after he renovated his house. They were a happy family before, shared feelings, held healthy debates and did everything that a family should. When he came to me with his problem, he was so devastated at the thought that he did not remember the last time when all them had dinner together. It was like his entire family was falling apart and there was nothing he could do.

On digging deeper, I got to know about the exact placement of each room in the house, the color scheme as well as the furniture placements. Vastu believes that the five elements of nature have to be in complete harmony for one to gain prosperity, health and happiness. The problem with my client was that the furniture and accessories were just randomly placed as well as the toilet was constructed at the wrong corner of the house. I asked him to make these necessary changes along with asking him to alter the sleeping positions of all the members of the family. He just came in recently chirping about how his life has gone back to normal and there was once again the cackle of laughter during dinner time. This positivity at home has even affected his work that has been progressing day by day.