Case Studies / Case Study 2

Case Study 2

A client of mine came to me with a rather serious problem that was making his life go haywire. He felt like he had no direction and had nowhere to go. He recently lost his job and following which there was a series of failed interview attempts. His career was going nowhere and he was mentally disturbed. His frustration and irritation was pushing him towards a state of depression and his family members were also pretty worked up. There was simply no happiness and this also created great family strains.

On hearing his problem, I suggested him to change the color of his room because in vastu it is believed that colors play a crucial role in bringing balance in our minds and bodies and it also stimulated the flow of positive energy. Along with that, I also asked him to change the placement of his puja place. With that, he started his own business and today, he is flourishing. Family life has also resumed to normal and there is prosperity for him at every step.