Case Studies / Case Study 1

Case Study 1

I recently encountered one of my clients who were going through some serious tensions in family relations. She was having extreme misunderstandings with her mother-in-law which was also hampering her relationship with her husband and the whole house was in a state of despair. They tried counseling, the husband and father-in-law tried to interject when situation got out of hand but to no avail. At one point, the fights became so severe and the words exchanged so sour that my client and her husband had almost made up their mind to shift to another house. As one last attempt, she came to me and spoke in detail about her problems and asked for my help. I enquired about the location of her house and also asked her to show me pictures of each individual room for my better understanding.

She had a beautiful garden around her house where trees grew unchecked and her toilet was constructed in the Northeast corner of the house. These two things caught my attention and I told her that there was some serious problem with the vastu of her house. My solution to her was to cut down a couple of trees and re-construct the toilet by placing it on the Northwest side of the house. By making these minor changes, her problems were solved and now they are living together, happily as a family should.